Services | 3D Animation

While our ability to take on an entire animated production will be limited while we complete construction of our entire pipeline, Skybox does offer freelance animation services in the following areas:


Layout Animation, also commonly referred to as Previs or Pre-Visualization, is a rapid and rough stage of animation used to develop the basic shot framework for a project. The benefits of investing in the Layout process comes from being able to properly asses the scope of work required before committing significant production resources. Layout animation also provides an inexpensive and accessible avenue to explore creative ideas and develop editorial choices.


Keyframe Animation is a traditional animation method typically used for stylized performances where motion captured data is not desired, appropriate or available. Keyframe Animation is also the standard method for animating creatures, robots, and vehicles. This style of animation is a great option for establishing unique looking movement and allows for greater freedom to fine tune performances during shot production.


Capture Driven Animation refers to using data, captured from the performances of real life actors or objects, to drive the movement of digital assets. Capture Driven Animation is the most economical way to produce realistic, life-like, humanoid movement, and is widely used in many modern digital productions. This form of animation has the benefits of being able to utilize existing libraries of motion data fairly easily.

If you are looking to temporarily bolster your animation team on a larger production with some remote workers, or you have a smaller project requiring some animation work, please feel free to contact us and inquire about our rates and availability. Stay tuned for examples of our work!