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Currently specializing in Asset Development for realistic humanoid characters, our highest value services lie in the integrated Asset Build, Articulation and Binding, and Control Systems services for Character Assets. However, Skybox also offers a wide range of custom services for Modelling and Rigging, freelance 3D animation services, and can help provide Conceptual Design work as well. Check the specific service pages or contact us for more information.

We are consistently looking to expand and refine our core set of services, and are currently developing quadrupedal and completely customizable creatures as part of our standard Character Asset Development services. Also coming soon is Environment Asset Development and Vehicle Asset Development, and additional features being added to our Control Systems products. We are also working hard on the Shot Production component of our CG Pipeline and are aiming to open up services for Full CG Production and Visualization in the future. In the long term, Skybox also has plans to offer consultation services for others looking to build or improve their CG pipelines, so stay tuned for future developments.

  • Conceptual Design
  • Asset Modelling
  • Geometry Modification/Re-topology
  • Sculpting
  • UV Layout
  • Texturing
  • Skeletal Layout
  • Character Rigging
  • Mocap Friendly Rigs
  • 3D Animation



Pipeline all setup, tools in place, but need some design help to give your production a solid foundation? Skybox can help connect you to some of the best concept artists in the industry.

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Already have great design ideas and ready to dive into animation, just missing the assets to do so? Our Asset Build, Articulation and Binding, and Control Systems Services, have you covered.

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Have rigged characters ready to animate and looking to bolster or outsource your animation workforce? Our 3D Animation services will provide robust support for projects with a diverse range of styles.

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In development, our CG Production services are being designed to develop ideas from initial concepts through to final renders, providing the means to bring ideas and stories to life.

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In development, our Visualization services are being created to help present complex ideas visually, with intended applications in fields such as architecture, marketing, and education.

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On the horizon, Skybox aims to offer services to assist those building or modifying a digital production pipeline of their own, with our Pipeline Consultation services.

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